T-Max System

Choose from the several base design of the T-max lace system! Do not limit yourself with the restricted designs of some hair piece units in the market, because you can have numerous base designs! Believe it or not, the T-max system can be custom-made with all lace or a combination of base materials with or without a poly coated perimeter. Expand and diversify your horizon! Express your mood for the moment and let the T-max system do the works for your hair condition needs.

Unlike other toupees, the T-max offers you two systems – the T-max System A, and T-max System B. Both T-max systems have French lace front, but varies in composition. T-max System A has 1 ¼ or 31.75 millimetre French lace front; while T-max System B can either be 100% French lace, or 100% welded monofilament. You can choose any of these systems according to your material use appetite. The top base is durable, strong, and has thin welded monofilament. Either way, both systems can come with or without poly coated perimeter.

The T-max System is guaranteed to be unnoticeable. The base materials are the secret why this hair piece is virtually impossible to detect. The monofilament, for instance, gives a soft, supple and subtle quality. So even if you choose either of the systems, you are assured of a natural look. Further, the French lace is very thin and almost invisible to the eye that all you have got to do is feel its soft texture. Again, if you select a system with the French lace base design, you will still feel the authenticity of your crowning glory.

Hairpiece-Toupee makes sure that your hair replacement preference is custom-made to your hair color, highlight, and per cent gray content. The T-max will therefore perfectly blend to your existing hair shade. Also, your desired toupee is made especially for your type of hair, no defaults here, simply customization.


System A
System B

 T-MAX for only $430.
Full head size $200 more.
French lace or Swiss lace $89 more.
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