Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you explain "natural frontal hairline"?
    This means that the front hair density is a little less than the rest of the unit. For some hair styles, it will give a more natural look.

  • Can you explain "base covering hairline"?
    The density in the front is equal to the overall unit.

  • What is "under knot"?
    The purpose of under knot is to completely hide the edge of the base. The hair comes out from underneath the base unit and covers the edge.

  • Is "under knot" the same as "underventing"?
    Yes, they are the same.

  • What is "baby hair"?
    This is a very curly, fine, short hair sewn into the front. The purpose is to make the hairpiece look natural.

  • Does "Style = left crown" still allow for left parting by me?
    Yes, you can still make the part.

  • Does "base covering hairline" mean the front hairline will cover the base and fall sort of forward?
    Yes, the base front edge is covered by hair and the hair falls a little forward.

  • Does "hidden part or crown" still allow for left parting by me?
    Yes, we can make it free style so you can part it anywhere.

  • Am I correct to assume that if I do not answer the Gray and Highlight questions, you will determine the amount of gray and highlight based on the hair samples I send?
    Yes, we will determine your coloring based completely on the samples you send.

  • Which is your best selling hairpiece?
    The Transbase is our most popular selling hairpiece.

  • Which one is the easiest to maintain?
    The Transbase, Superior, Executive, Genuine, Microskin and Natural systems are the easiest.

  • Can I sleep and swim with it?
    Yes, the hairpiece itself is fine for sleeping, swimming or bungie jumping.

  • Do I have to order 2 of the same type to get the discount?
    No, it's not necessary. You can mix or match any combination of hair systems for the discount price. They don't have to be the same type.

  • I live in Canada, will I have to pay a duty fee?
    No, there are no duty fees.

  • What sort of base is the EXECUTIVE system?
    It is a polyurethane material. It can be made with or without reinforced mesh. It's thin, strong and transparent.

  • Is the EXECUTIVE base like a hard shell?
    No, it's soft and very flexible.

  • Can the EXECUTIVE system be reduced to 4x8?
    Yes, any size can be made.

  • Does the EXECUTIVE system come in different densities?
    Yes, you can order light, medium light, medium, medium heavy and heavy. These choices can be found on the order form for the EXECUTIVE hairpiece at our web site.

  • How is the EXECUTIVE system attached?
    You can use any of the attachment methods - bonding or glue, tape or hair clips.

  • INVISIBLE lace front - Which is stronger, the French lace or the fine welded mono lace front?
    The fine welded mono lace front is stronger, but the French lace material is softer.

  • MICROSKIN system - Is "stitched by hand" the same as hand knotted single strands?
    Yes, we use hand knotted single strands.

  • NATURAL system - How fragile is polyskin?
    Polyskin is very strong. It will last from 1-2 years. If you need it to be stronger, we can make it thicker.