Determine Your Head Size


Your head template:

Follow the procedure below for making a head template:

  • Cover your scalp with plastic wrap (Saran Wrap or any similar plastic wrap).
  • Apply 3 layers of tape over the plastic wrap to keep the form in place.
  • Draw a line on the plastic wrap that goes around your hairline.
  • Indicate your hair pattern & part. Apply another layer of tape.
  • With scissors, trim off the excess wrap along your hairline.

Your natural hair sample:

  • Cut a small sample swatch of your natural hair about 1" long (3 cm). If you need to match specific areas of your hair, use the chart below for your hair samples. Cut and label your samples as follows:

    1 - Front
    2 - Temple (left/right)
    3 - Top Front
    4 - Behind Ear (left/right)
    5 - Top Crown
    6 - Back

  • Place this into a separate envelope. We will use this to match your hair color. Send your head template and hair sample to:
Robert Glen - SKI
8345 NW 66th St. #5422
Miami, FL 33195 - 2696