Full Cap Hair Replacement for Women

Revitalize the volume, length and quality of your locks with a natural looking hair piece, the Full Cap System! This full head size hair replacement is made with undetectable lace front, stretch straps and ear tabs. If you are looking for a hair piece that will envelop your entire scalp and hair area, the Full Cap System is the perfect unit for you! You do not only experience the fulfilment of that regained confidence, you are also assured of the best materials of a hair piece that will give you nothing less but the highest quality in the market today.

The Full Cap System can be perfect for women who need the best hair replacement. It is made durable, stylish and comfortable to suit your needs and requirements. The top base is made up of strong and fine monofilament that will do the magic for you. The monofilament has been used in the medicine to test the sense of touch. Therefore, even if you are wearing your Full Cap System unit, you will definitely still feel your environment, and you will have a taste of the weather.  Also, with an absolutely unnoticeable lace front, you can worry about nothing but how you would entertain admirers! Your all natural looking hairline will do the magic for your recharged personality. So set any hang ups aside and experience a well lived life with the Full Cap System!

Unlike other hair replacement units, the Full Cap System will allow you to enhance and express your mood and preference. The Full Cap System units are made for any type of hair, hair color, and hair condition concerns. So you have nothing else to do but choose your pick from the base material colors that we offer. No need to worry about your highlight or the per cent gray content of your hair because the Full Cap System will simply do what it is made for.


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