Microskin System

Restore your thinning hair as if it were re-growths! You do not have to suffer from medical or natural hair loss. All you have got to do is get the right hair piece to strengthen and revitalize your crowning glory.

Hairpiece-Toupee introduces the Microskin System, an amazing hair replacement which is truly undetectable. Its total appearance has an all natural finish that you yourself would not notice and feel that you are wearing one. The base material of the hair piece is made from very fine monofilament which is popularly used in the medical field to test for the sense of touch. Therefore, even if you are wearing your Microskin hair piece, you can still feel and sense everything that goes around your environment. Forget about the disturbing feeling of thick capped hair pieces because you are definitely not wearing a baseball cap! The Microskin system has a ¼-inch front lace that allows you to choose with or without scallop.

What is interesting about the Microskin is that, each hair strand is carefully sewn by hand. So when you ask about precision in quality, the Microskin system garners a check mark. Therefore, with this unique hair piece, you no longer need to care about machine rejects, or the like, because quality is guaranteed.

The natural look of your hair piece is also made possible by the poly coated perimeter. It can come Choose to have bleached knots or none at all. To top that, Hairpiece-Toupee can do a custom-made for your hair color, highlight and per cent gray content. You can even choose the color of the base material of your preference such as yellow, light reddish brown, pink, black, flesh, clear, brown, and others.

When you decide to get a Microskin system, make sure to do a "feel-test" so you can fully appreciate what we are talking about.


 Human Remy Hair or Synthetic Hair $430 each.
                  Full head size $200 more.
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