Genuine System

Let the Genuine System take charge of your hair replacement concerns! Without a doubt, the Genuine System has become the secret personal gear of men and women who want their hair piece perfect. The base material of the Genuine System, which is the monofilament, makes the whole difference from the other products. The super fine monofilament actually gives non negotiable comfort. Its material creates an image that the product is soft, supple, sensitive, and subtle. Hence, you will truly feel the authenticity of your hair piece, whatever the occasion may be.

The Genuine System has numerous to offer from its base composition, to its amazing features!

To start off, the Genuine System raises itself with the super fine monofilament top. With the truly remarkable nature of a monofilament, one would not be able to notice that you are wearing any hair piece! The hair fibers of the Genuine System are stitched by hand to assure you of no-machine miss-out events during sewing. Plus, there is poly coating on mesh circumference, and ventilated for comfort. Hence, in terms of quality, you are not only guaranteed of high-quality, but ease of use as well.

With the Genuine System, you can definitely still express your mood and bring out your personality since you can choose to brush your hair piece in any direction, Part on your left or right side, with or without scalloped front. You no longer need to go through the hassle of having a professional maintenance because it is a do-it-yourself personal task.

Since the Genuine System is made for any type of hair, you can choose your color of preference for the base material cost such as clear, flesh, pink, black, brown, light reddish brown, yellow or any other. You can have your hair custom-made to your hair color, highlight and percent gray content.


 Human Remy Hair or Synthetic Hair $430.
               Full head size $200 more.
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