Transbase System

The Transbase System is ½-inch lace front with strong net center that has been proved to address the hair condition needs of many clients. If you are looking for a hair replacement that is invisible and can be worn without anybody noticing you are wearing one, the Transbase System is the highly recommended hair piece. The quality of materials made to create and form the Transbase system is very high that we can talk about durability, strength and heavy duty without sacrificing the comfort that you deserve to gain.

The all net, fine stitched monofilament makes the Transbase system natural looking and transparent. It also enables you to feel the environment even if you are wearing a hair piece. The intrinsic characteristic of the monofilament allows you be sensitive of the stimuli from the exterior. Therefore, you will not only look natural, you will also feel bare as if you were not wearing any hair piece at all. In addition, the Transbase system provides you with natural hairline that you will virtually have invisible front which can have with or without scallop.

The Transbase lace front system is stitched manually that will assure you of precision in quality. Aside from that, this superb hair piece assures you of undetectable base that not even one person that you meet would notice your hair gear. The base does not discolour or crack – a feature that everybody looks for in a hair piece. You can get the Transbase lace front system with or without bleaced knots, so you can express your mood, personality and preference.

Feel all natural since you can brush your Transbase lace front system in any direction that you desire. Have your preferred hair style any time of the day, and you would not have to worry anything about it. Or you can also have a Part on your left or right side. Take your pick and the Transbase system will do the magic for you.


 Human Remy Hair or Synthetic Hair $360 each.
                  Full head size $40 more.

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