Medi Cap

The Medi Cap System is a full head size unit made with a polyskin perimeter and strong center net material. Selecting the best or perfect hair piece, specifically for men, can be really troublesome. If you are in the search for a hair replacement that requires ear tabs and fine monofilament top, the Medi Cap System is the perfect unit for you. The Medi Cap System is known to be the leading hair replacement in the alternative hair industry for many years now.

The materials used for creating the Medi Cap System are proved to be of high quality because of durability, strength and comfort. The polyskin circumference makes the whole difference from among other products in the market. Your hairline would be unbelievable natural looking that no one would think you are wearing a hair piece. It is very discreet and subtle because of the primary material that composes it. And you will absolutely feel brand new! Indeed, the Medi Cap System is confidence boosting!

What is more about the Medi Cap System is that, it is carefully made by hand. Therefore, this assures you of precision in quality that you no longer need to worry about machine rejects or error. So aside from the convenience and comfort that you gain from the Medi Cap System, you also enjoy the best quality that an hair piece could offer.

We, at Hairpiece-Toupee, do custom-made hair replacements based on your hair color, highlight, percent gray content, type of hair, and other hair condition requirements. We have always believed in the fact that the alternative hair units should be the one adjusted and specialized, and not the clients having to fit themselves to what is available. You can even take you pick from the base material color of your preference such as flesh, clear, black, brown, etc.


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