Invisible System

Believe it or not, not seeing is believing! Yes, there are instances in life that being invisible matters a lot. What exactly are we talking about? The Invisible System!

Getting your life back after a medical hair loss or unfortunate ordeal in the past is never easy and fun. It entails a lot of courage and confidence before you can actually re-build yourself and face to people once more. But then again, why hide away when you can virtually hide your hair piece—if that’s what’s causing the ‘disconnect’? Hairpiece-Toupee is here to help you through the Invisible System.

The Invisible System is a hair replacement made from French lace or thin welded mono lace front. The fine monofilament top makes your hair piece sturdy in shape and at the same time very comfortable to wear. You can achieve that natural looking hairline because of the presence of the monofilament. The perimeter of the hair piece is coated with polyester, a material widely used because of its safety. To top that, with the Invisible System, you are guaranteed of maximum ventilation when you use it. So however you want your hairstyle done, feel bare and natural all the time with the Invisible System.

You can have your Invisible System custom-made to your hair color, highlight and per cent gray content. Or you can also have your hair piece made based on your type of hair. Choose from the base material colors such as clear, flesh, pink, brown, black, light reddish brown, yellow and others.

Aside from that, you are assured of a precision in quality of the Invisible System because the real hair human or synthetic fibers are embedded by hand. And you can choose with or without knots.

With the Invisible System, the claim of it being unnoticeable, you can expect a total change of your image.


 Human Remy Hair or Synthetic Hair $480 each.
                   Full head size $200 more.
         French lace or Swiss lace $89 more.
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