Custom Hair Pieces - iBase System - Hair Injected Base

Get the most natural looking hair replacement only from Hair Piece Toupee! If you are up to an event, a special occasion, or you simply want to look natural, the iBase System is perfect for you. This hair piece has injected base, so anyone looking at your crowning glory would never notice that it is not real! The hair strands are injected manually into the polymer base with no loops or knots. Believe it or not, the iBase system makes you feel as if it were your natural skin. The base material is translucent so that your natural scalp colour is seen through.

Aside from the natural look that you will achieve with the iBase system, you can also wear the hair style that you have always wanted. Stroke your hair in any direction, comb it back off your forehead, or cut it as short as you desire.

If you have a specific preference in mind, address it to Hair Piece Toupee and we will gladly come up with a customized hair replacement system with you. Do not concerned about an uneven hair color because of the inevitable grays, because we can design a custom-made a hair piece that will suit your existing hair color. Or if you want everything new look, just say the word, and we will do the works for you.

Because of the unique base material that we use for the iBase system, we guarantee a light, strong, and durable hair piece for you. You can choose from clear, flesh, brown, black, light reddish brown, or any color of your preference.  And yes, no sheen!

The iBase systemn is not polyskin. It simply disappears on your scalp!


Hair Injected BaseHair Injected Base

 Human Remy Hair or Synthetic Hair $530 each.
                  Full head size $200 more.
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