iStar System

Express your self with the iStar System! This type of hair piece has finger lace front with undetectable lace material. The all lace unit can be made with Swiss lace, French lace, or New York lace. Hairpiece-Toupee offers you an authentic Swiss lace made in Switzerland that only produces high quality. It is very thin and is finer and more fragile than the French lace. The Swiss lace mixes together with the color of your skin that is responsible for the invisible appearance. On the other hand, the French lace is a little thicker and better in terms of durability. If you are a new user of the iStar System, commonly, the thicker French lace is recommended to avoid damage incidents of a first time user. But then again, it is really a matter of your choice and preference.

The iStar System is the perfect hair piece for you because it creates a natural hairline. Because of the lace that it is made up of, the base actually blends on the color of your skin or scalp, so you do not have to worry about detectable hair piece when you have them on. The side of the iStar system is polycoated and can come with or without knots. You can Brush to whichever direction or Part on your left or right side with the iStar system. You will never have an issue about confidence and security when it comes to your appearance because you can practically fashion your hair style to however you want it to be.

Aside from an invisible base, the iStar system is never made universal or standard for the consumption of all clients. Because we believe that different clients have different needs and preference, we customize your hair piece to your type of hair and hair color, highlight and per cent of gray content. We do not allow defaults!


Choose Lace Material
Swiss Lace
French Lace
Fine Welded Mono

Authentic Swiss Lace.
The highest quality.
Made in Switzerland.

 Human Remy Hair or Synthetic Hair $519 each.
                  Full head size $200 more.
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