The Octabase System allows you to select your preferred lace material, either Swiss lace or French lace. The Swiss lace is an authentic lace material made in the Switzerland. It is guaranteed to be very fine, thin and fragile. On the other hand, the French lace is proved to be durable and a little bit thicker than the Swiss lace. Both lace materials create an undetectable lace front so it is as if you were not wearing any hair piece. The slight difference of the Swiss lace and the French lace does not really make a big impact in terms of ease of use. It is more of what and how you prefer your hair piece would feel like. If this is the first time that you are going to use the Octabase System, it is suggested that you choose the French lace because of its thickness as compared to the Swiss lace. It has always been a minimal problem of first time users that they damage the hair piece when putting it on or removing it. Hence, if you are already used to wearing the Octabase System, you can prefer to use the Swiss lace.

If you want to know what the most suitable hair replacement for you is, it is the Octabase System because you can actually choose either 100% Swiss lace or 100% French lace. The Octabase system creates that natural looking hairline; you do not have to worry about anything. No one will ever notice that you are wearing a hair piece! What’s more is that, the Octabase is made by hand. That means you are assured of precision in quality. So you do not only enjoy the authenticity of your locks, you also gain from the quality that it is providing you.

Get an Octabase System which will be custom-made for your hair color, type or hair condition requirements.


All Swiss Lace 18#
All French Lace 64#

Authentic Swiss Lace.
The highest quality.
Made in Switzerland.

Lace Front

 Human Hair or Synthetic Hair for only $409.
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