Superior System

Wigs and Hairpieces - Superior System

Revitalize your hair with the Superior net base system! Regardless of your lifestyle, the Superior System can take charge of your hair condition concerns. Feel bare and active with the most amazing hair piece you could ever have! If you think your active lifestyle, or your vigorous sport like swimming and tennis will get into your way, think again, because the Superior system is made especially for people who are always on the go. Wearing it does not have to be obvious that everybody could notice it.

The Superior net base hair piece system is made from the best quality of materials which will never fail you during an important activity of your life. It has fine welded monofilament that makes your hair piece natural looking and transparent. It has reinforced polyskin perimeter that further strengthens the base. With a strong and durable quality, you are guaranteed of a long lasting hair piece.

Feel confident with the unnoticeable base it does not discolour or crack. Its natural hairline, with or without scallop, allows you to carry that esteem that you have always needed and wanted. Brush your hair piece in any direction and, believe or not, you yourself will not be able to notice that you are wearing one.

The Superior net base system is made by hand, hence you are assured of a precisely done hair piece. You do not have to worry about machine rejects, or anything to that nature, because precision in quality is a guarantee. The most amazing thing is that, with this superb hair piece, you do not even have to go back and forth the experts because there is no need to consult an expert for maintenance required. You can wear and remove it on your own, anytime, anywhere.

Whatever type of hair you have, the Superior System can be adjusted for you. Hairpiece-Toupee can custom-make it to your hair colour, highlight and per cent gray content. And, you can choose the base material colour of your preference.


 Human Remy Hair or Synthetic Hair $430 each.
                  Full head size $200 more.
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